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Written by SailingMan   
Friday, 31 December 2010 00:00

Located in Batusangkar, Tanah Datar, West Sumatra, Indonesia, stood a famous tourism object as cultural heritage in West Sumatra called Istano Basa (Basa Palace) or the popular name is Istana Pagaruyung (Pagaruyung Palace). But the present Istano Basa is only the replication of the original palace. The original Istana Basa is located on Batu Patah mountain top and this palace was burnt out caused by bloody riots in 1804. The palace was then rebuilt but burned out again in 1966.

The process of Istana Basa reconstruction was started on December 27, 1976 by placing the first stone by West Sumatra Governor, Harun Zain. The reestablishment wasn’t on the location of the burned palace, but on the new location near to the previous location on the south. By the end on 1970s, the palace started welcoming visitors.

On February 27, 2007, Istano Basa attacked by ugly fire once again caused by thunderbolt struck the top of palace’s roof. This caused the building totally vanished. All important documents and ornament cloths were burned. It was estimated that only approximately 15 percent of the precious things survived. The survived objects are now kept in Balai Benda Purbakala, Tanah Datar Regency.

Speaking of Istana Pagaruyung, its name derived from Kerajaan Pagaruyung (Pagaruyung Kingdom). The brief history of Kerajaan Pagaruyung can be valuable information to learn and here are the details. Kerajaan Pagaruyung was founded in 1347 by Adityawarman, Minangkabau – Majapahit offspring. Adityawarman is the son of Adwayawarman and Dara Jingga, the princess of Kerajaan Dharmasraya.

Adityawarman once fought alongside Mahapatih Gajah Mada to conquest over Bali and Palembang. Before the kingdom arouse, people in Minangkabau already had political system like confederation which was deliberation league from many Nagari and Luhak. Based on its historical background, Kerajaan Pagaruyung was called as local administration system change for the local inhabitant which were Minang Tribe.

Adityawarman was taking his role as Uparaja from Majapahit and conquered vital areas in Sumatera like Kuntu and Kampar which were famous for their pepper. But based on Tiongkon report, it is known that Pagaruyung sent its delegate to Tiongkok a quarter century later. It sounds that Aditywarman was trying to secede himself from Majapahit.

There was possibility that Majapahit sent expedition to destroy Adityawarman. From Minangkabau legends, there was a note regarding a terrifying war between Adityawarman and Majapahit in Padang Sibusuk. The legend said that Majapahit was defeated. And this story enriched the historical background of Istano Basa.


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